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Here is a list of relevant affiliate links. If you use these to purchase crypto assets, wallets or engage in crypto trading services, I receive a small commission per successful referral.

Before proceeding, for each of these wallets or exchanges, please double-check that any websites you visit contain the padlock logo and begin with HTTPS. Moreover, all websites should start with the company name, no other numbers, letters or special characters before .com (e.g.,,,

The products featured are reputable, regulated entities with several years of experience in this industry.



Available across multiple countries worldwide.

Deposit over $50 within 14 days of registering for an account to receive a 100 USDT Trading fee rebate voucher.

Use the link or QR code below to sign up.


Sign up with the following link and purchase $100 worth of Bitcoin/crypto within 30 days of establishing an account to get $10 of free BTC for you and me.   

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For crypto traders and investors based in Australia and New Zealand.

Receive 10 AUD worth of BTC as soon as you sign up and verify your identity (Gold tier, as a minimum) with the link below.

They offer trading for all popular crypto assets and a plethora of micro and low-cap altcoins and tokens.

There is no minimum deposit required to receive the 10 AUD.

Swyftx also runs its Learn & Earn program, which allows you to periodically earn small amounts of crypto by participating in short online courses and completing brief quizzes.

Moreover, the exchange also provides services for anyone interested in establishing a self-managed super fund (a type of self-managed retirement account in Australia).

Independent Reserve

An exchange for Australian and New Zealand customers.

One of the longest-running Australian-based crypto exchanges, IR has one of the best track records for local (Australian) exchanges.

Use this link or the referral code HMYCQD when signing up for your IR account, make a deposit, and then we’ll both receive 10 AUD worth of BTC. 

Hardware Wallets  


This Swiss-made, open-source hardware wallet is one of the most secure options on the market, with years of experience in this space.

Get yourself a the BitBox02 Bitcoin-only or BitBox02 Multi Edition wallet through this affiliate link.

Here is an example of the BitBox02.


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Whilst this is my least-preferred hardware wallet nowadays, their range of devices is still one of the most popular.

Check out their product through the referral link below:

Accounting software – Koinly

This is the only one to feature here as I speak from experience using this product.

Koinly has been very useful for me in sorting out my crypto taxes in recent years. They are

Use my referral code to get $40 off your first order, with a range of services available for casual crypto investors through to professional traders.   

By using this affiliate link, I also receive $40 for future orders, so it’s a great way to help support my website and Medium channel.

BTC and crypto donations

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